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As the top New York employment attorney and sole attorney at the Law Office of David H Rosenberg, I am here to protect your rights against sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace.

A recent Supreme Court ruling declares that LGBTQ workers are now protected from work discrimination providing equal rights for everyone in the workplace. This means that if you are being discriminated against at work or suffering from a hostile work environment because of your sexual orientation, you may have a legally viable claim against your employer. 

I’m here to help you with a strong legal stance.

I represent employees who are suffering from or have experienced the following because of their sexual orientation:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Gender discrimination
  • Sexual orientation discrimination

As with any discrimination case, your situation must reach certain legal criteria. A hostile work environment caused by discrimination is defined as any work environment that makes you feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or scared to be at work and may be caused by a boss or coworker.

If you’re facing such a situation because of LGBTQ discrimination, know that I am here to help. At my firm, you’ll receive not only legal representation but also my personal commitment to fighting for your right to a safe and respectful workplace. 

Unlike at larger law firms, when you reach out to me you’ll never get passed on to some junior lawyer or summer associate.

Protect Your Rights at Work As an LGBTQ Employee

Protect Your Rights at Work As an LGBTQ Employee

I’m committed to ensuring your workplace is free from discrimination and harassment, and where your rights and dignity are upheld. If you’re undergoing such challenges, you have a legal advocate in me.

Sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace is defined as instances when an employee is subjected to harassment, denial of certain benefits, or a hostile work environment due to their sexual orientation.

Undergoing LGBTQ discrimination at work can affect your job status, your opportunity for promotion, your working environment, and your health benefits, as well as place undue stress on your life.

While the laws in this area are changing to better protect LGBTQ individuals, many people are still experiencing sexual orientation harassment or discrimination at work.

Some examples of this type of sexual orientation discrimination or harassment include:

Examples of Sexual or Gender Orientation Discrimination

For example, you are not hired, promoted, or disciplined (or have been fired) because your boss knows or thinks you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

It’s important to note that this does not include being reprimanded or even fired for not abiding by company policy (i.e.: being late or failing to meet sales goals).

Rather this means being overlooked for a promotion, being wrongfully terminated, or receiving a write-up without any basis. The discrimination can come from one or a few coworkers, from your supervisor, or the company’s CEO.

Examples of Sexual or Gender Orientation Harassment

Harassment is defined as times an LGBTQ employee is forced to experience comments about their mannerisms, personal life, or sexual activity, as well as being told sexual jokes, receiving requests for sexual favors, undergoing pressure to go on dates, and experiencing unwanted touching or grabbing.

Harassment can also include coworkers making obscene gestures, making sexual or hostile comments, or even drawing or showing you pictures or drawings negatively portraying a specific sexual orientation. In more serious cases, it may involve sexual assault or rape.

Again, your harasser may be an employer, supervisor, co-worker, or even customer. They may be of the same or opposite sex.

Contact Me Today if You Are Experiencing Gender Discrimination at Work

The reality that non-heterosexual individuals still face workplace challenges because of their sexual identity is disheartening.

As your attorney, I’ll ensure your employer provides a safe, equal, and discrimination-free environment.

If you’re experiencing discrimination at work for being LGBTQ, please reach out to me for a free legal consultation. I am dedicated to fighting for your rights and creating a fair workplace for everyone.

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